Here you find a couple of special topics when operating an anynode on supported Linux-based systems:

Remote Access to Webfrontend

If you did not configure remote access during initial installation and you now want the frontend to be accessible by remote clients, just one additional step is necessary:

# systemctl stop anynodefe
# anynodefe-ldr -s anynodefe http add --port=443 --interface=eth0 --secure --ipv4
# systemctl start anynodefe

On all new versions of Linux-distributions, the default naming of network-interfaces has changed to create consistency between reboots and when adding hot-plugged devices. In this case the network-interfaces are not named eth0, eth1, eth2... anymore, but have names like ens1, enp2s0 etc. So the eth0 used above is only exemplary!
Make sure to select the right ethernet interface to only make the webinterface available to the desired network side (most probably only internally for administration).

anynode Webfrontend Password Reset

In case you have forgotten all administrative passwords for the anynode webfrontend, you can reset a specific account using the following two steps:

# systemctl stop anynodefe
# anynodefe-ldr -s anynodefe authentication users change --name=username --password="new password"
# systemctl start anynodefe

You need to replace username and new password with the appropriate values for your case. During the first login with the new credentials, you need to change the password.